Heckle Mania Designs | White Suede Mesh Trucker
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White Suede Mesh Trucker


Here we have the premium white & grey suede trucker hat. Definitely an eye catcher & definitely a hat for the summer days……

On the front displays H3ck1e in 3d grey text with allday everyday underneath. 

It has grey mesh on the back of the trucker for the summer days, to let the air in.

Finished with a touch of H3ck1e with Writing over the back arch of the trucker hat. This is in grey text & states “A LITTLE DIFFERENCE, MAKES THE DIFFERENCE”

I believe it does & always will…….

So be the difference

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White Suede Mesh Trucker.

Colour; White and Grey.

Material; Suede and Mesh.

Style; Trucker.