Heckle Mania Designs | FAQ
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What does Heckle mean?
‘Heckle’ started from speakers corner in London. I use this term in a particular way to get your point across, speaking over another ‘Heckling’ to be heard by your friends and people publicly. This can be used in many ways jokes, banter, to make a point, discount, to set trends………..


What does Hecklemania mean?
Heckle is verbal, i.e jokes, banter, making a valid point or just heckling because you can. ‘Mania’ is the crazy manic side of the brand, which includes the upper case, lower case, and the @ sign style of writing. The ladies mouth (design logo) followed by Hecklemania trademark logo.


Where did you get your style from and how did you come up with your ideas?
Before I started, I researched a lot of snapbacks and designs. I wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd. I haven’t seen or know any style of brand that are out there of today with my style of writing for my designs. Also using words as symbols and vice versa to stamp the Hecklemania unique style.


Whats the difference between Hecklemania hats and Heckle hats?
Both styles are owned and trademarked by myself. Hecklemania hats are more based on trends like whats popular in the here and now. Heckle hats is more of a calm suttle approach for those people who like to heckle (all day everyday). Heckle is more brand awareness for people who like calm and effective snapbacks.